Broken Age Act 2 finally hatches, launches today

Broken Age Act 2 release

As far as episodic gaming goes, Broken Age Act 2 may have the longest gestation period we’ve ever endured (Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and Sin Episode 2 not withstanding). More than an entire year after the first act launched on Steam, the concluding half of Double Fine’s Kickstarted classic adventure game finally launches today. 

In an email to backers of the Kickstarter project, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer announced that the second act of Broken Age will be available to backers today, with Steam codes being sent out via e-mail.

“This has been a long and crazy journey that we’ve all been on together,” said Schafer. “It’s been a documentary and a phenomenon and a news item, but now it’s just a game. And I really hope you like it because you helped to make it. And not just with your money. :)”

The official launch for the game is Tuesday 28th April, where everyone who didn’t back will be able to buy Broken Age Act 2 from Steam and the Humble Store.

Finally shipping Broken Age Act 2 brings to a close the three year journey for what can be considered the ‘original’ big-money Kickstarter game. If you’d like to catch up with that journey, then the Double Fine Adventure documentary series is well worth a watch.

Act 1 went down especially well here at PCGamesN, with both myself and Jeremy huge fans of its cute and quirky world. We’ve yet to play Act 2, but can only hope it lives up to its foundations.