This Fallout 2 style CRPG lets you play as an Aussie gunslinger

Two weeks before release, Antipodean post-apocalyptic RPG Broken Roads is sharing its characters' origins, beginning with the hired gun.

Broken Roads, with four tired looking characters staring out of the screen.

Broken Roads, an Australian CRPG in the spirit of Fallout 2, is arriving later this month. To give players a taste of what awaits them in this dusty, post-apocalyptic outback, developer Drop Bear Bytes is putting out videos detailing the game’s four character origins, beginning with the hired gun.

Broken Roads is an intriguing Antipodean-made RPG game which, inspired by the likes of Fallout 2, sees you struggling to survive in the Australian outback.

The Australian outback isn’t particularly hospitable, but get +throw in an apocalypse and things get even tougher. It’s not all doom and gloom, there’s a dash of Fallout-style humor too. Forget magic potions, it’s the beer you’ll be pouring down your neck.

It promises a non-linear story where there’s no right or wrong way to approach things, and with the game just two weeks away, developer Drop Bear Bytes is drip-feeding would-be players the game’s four origin stories.

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The first of these videos, the ‘hired gun’, paints a bleak picture of a rough upbringing, where if you didn’t shoot something you’d die. “Starvation is a powerful motivator, and you wouldn’t soon forget that feeling”, explains the voice-over.

The hired gun then flees to the outback to become, well, a hired gun. I’m not sure how they thought that’d improve their situation, but there you go.

Their experience, signing up with the Bally-Bally Hall scouts, hardens them even further, with one character explaining how being kind nearly got them killed. Sounds like hugs will be in short supply in Broken Roads.

Broken Roads makes no bones about its roots, with its game director telling PC Gamer,  “We are unashamedly copying Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, Pillars 2, Baldur’s Gate 2.”

If you balked when Fallout 3 went with real-time combat, this turn-based RPG could be right up your Ramsay Street when it arrives this Tuesday, November 14. You can expect the remaining three origin videos to arrive before then.

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