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The Bureau trailer shows an agent looking a little lost


The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is out now; here’s our The Bureau: XCOM Declassified review.

Say what you like about The Bureau – Steve says it’s “certainly fun to play” – but the marketing team have made a set of luscious teaser videos, nailing the tone of a suspense series. They’re still holding back from showing any sectoids, instead focusing on the agents in suits wielding inadequate 50s technology.

The latest is no different in that regard. Though only a short thing, you may recognise a familiar face.

It’s him what played that hobbit in Lord of the Rings, and that fella addicted to drugs and guitar in Lost.

While I’ve not had a chance to play the Bureau, and I’m confident it will turn be a solid little actioner, I can’t help but think it won’t live up to the tone that’s set by the teaser videos and this piece of promotional artwork (from before the game was retitled as The Bureau):

There’s something gruesome and horrific about the powerlessness these images create. A quality that a game looking like this doesn’t convey. I want someone to make that game.

The Bureau is due for release 23 August, 2013.