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Is Bushiden coming to Game Pass?

Learn if Bushiden is coming to Game Pass and whether or not you'll be able to try out this ninja Metroidvania out with your subscription.

Bushiden Game Pass: a cybernetic samurai with a floating sword next to it, is standing on lots of skulls as skyscrapers fall around it.

Is Bushiden coming to Game Pass? Microsoft’s Game Pass is an excellent way for money-savvy gamers to try out games they otherwise might not buy at full price. This gives indie developers making games an opportunity to let their passion projects do the talking.

Metroidvania games like Bushiden are prime candidates for a space on the Game Pass library. It began development as a Kickstarter project and is a 2D platform game filled with environmental problem-solving, upgrades to help overcome obstacles and ninja-based combat. If that all sounds exciting, then you’ll want to know if Bushiden will be on Game Pass.

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Will Bushiden come to Game Pass?

Bushiden will be coming to Game Pass on day one, according to the Xbox Game Pass list of upcoming games. 

What’s important to note is that backers of the Kickstarter campaign will be getting beta keys delivered “soon”. The latest we heard about this was from the developer’s Kickstarter post, which states that backers should receive the beta sometime in “the second half of February”.

So now that it’s coming to Game Pass, just what is this ninja game about? In Bushiden, you’re a ninja warrior whose sister suddenly goes missing. Rumors suggest that Goah, who was previously thought deceased, has now been revived and may be the one behind her disappearance. With the help of your cybernetic upgrades, it’s up to you to slice and dice through henchmen, samurai, and monsters that get between you and your family while performing sick ninja techniques.

While we’re still waiting for news on the full Bushiden release date and, therefore, its availability on Game Pass, here are some picks for the best action-adventure games or even the best new PC games if you want to try something fresh and exciting.