Buy this today: light up your PC’s guts with this 24-pin RGB cable

This one's for all you RGB lovers out there who want to go the whole 'colourful PC guts' hog

What good is the sickest third-party AIB vendor’s cooling shroud for one of the best graphics cards if no one can see it? A tempered glass side panel only gets half the job done – you need to be able to actually see what you’re looking at. That’s arguably one of the best reasons to go for RGB products, but we recently discovered that not only can your CPU cooler, RAM, and other components be lit up like a carnival, your cables can, too!

We’re not just talking solid colours here, either. As this Reddit user demonstrates, you can generate some pretty stunning effects with this Lian Li Stirmer RGB cable. If you’ve ever wanted your motherboard power cable to look like electricity or data is flowing along it, this Stirmer cable is for you.

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What is it?

The Lian Li Stirmir RGB 24-pin cable attaches to the end of your power supply’s own 24-pin connector and acts as an extension. The cable set comes ready assembled so that the RGB extension cables sit on top of the power extension cables in a two-layer design. It’s long enough that it can travel the distance from behind a motherboard’s backplate into the relevant header, giving the illusion of a full length of RGB cable, and the colours and lighting modes for the 24-pin cable can be controlled either by the provided controller unit or through the motherboard.

Why should you buy it?

You know you want RGB lighting, or a specific lighting effect, but you aren’t satisfied with only the components themselves having this luxury. Maybe you want to make it look like the data is visible as it speeds through your PC cables, or maybe you just want a solid colour to match your already extravagant rig’s colour scheme. Whatever the case, the Stirmir RGB 24-pin cable has something for all you RGB lovers.

What options do you have?

Lian Li’s Stirmir RGB cables come in either 24-pin (for motherboard power) or 8-pin (for GPU power) variants, but only the 24-pin is available on Amazon US at the moment. The cables only support “3-pin 5v addressable LED-enabled motherboards” and “will not work with a 4-pin RGB header”.