Call of Duty streamer plays with Donkey Kong bongos, gets triple kill

Deano Beano also managed to pull of a Gulag win in Warzone with a recorder, as you do.

Few people are enjoying a more impressive start to 2021 than Call of Duty streamer Deano Beano. If you haven’t heard of him, the content creator pops up here and there with clips that typically involve him pulling something off in Call of Duty with an instrument like a drum kit. The natural evolution of that, of course, is the humble Donkey Kong bongo drums.

Deano has been streaming Call of Duty with the bongos over the past few days to practise and get better. The entire stream is a good time, but one of the recent highlights was a triple collateral kill he managed to get in PvP. The feat is impressive for sure, but something is amusing about watching someone calmly making small talk with chat, almost playing on auto-pilot, and then flipping into a triple kill.

Deano has branched out beyond percussion instruments, too. In December, he picked up the recorder and more recently managed to get a Gulag win with it. I can’t help but wonder, sometimes, how demoralising it must be to lose to someone and then find out that they were using a recorder or a set of DK bongos.

If you’d like to see some bongo fun in Call of Duty, you can catch the clip below:

If there’s one thing we appreciate at, it’s DK bongos. We once spoke to someone who completed Sekiro with them, in fact.

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