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COD: Infinite Warfare adds Formula One star Lewis Hamilton to its celebrity entourage

COD Lewis Hamilton

COD: Infinite Warfare pulled into the pit stop and picked up Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton along the way. Apparently the driver of fast cars will be joining the cast of the speedy shooter’s story mode, where perhaps he’ll fly a nifty ship. 

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Like Formula One, COD is about turning corners really fast and using your twitch reflexes to not die, so it kind of makes sense for Hamilton to join the acting cast. Well, not really, but you know. Here’s the tweet where he announced the news.

Hamilton will join Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington, as well as UFC fighter Conor McGregor, both of whom are playing the bad guys. It’s not year clear what role Hamilton’s up for, but I’m guessing he’ll be a pilot. It’s the only thing that makes a slither of sense.

For everything else about the futuristic shooter, here’s everything we know about COD: Infinite Warfare. The FPS is due for release on November 4.