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Modern Warfare 2 benchmark receives fix, now reports accurate fps

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 benchmark tool has been patched to more accurately report your system's frame rate in the FPS game

A character from Modern Warfare 2, wearing shades and military attire, wielding a firearm

The built-in Modern Warfare 2 benchmark is meant to offer you guidance on how you can expect the FPS game to run on your system, but it’s unfortunately not been the most reliable tool. Thankfully, it now appears that it’s received a fix that addresses its inaccurate fps reporting, meaning it should now be more reflective of your PC’s performance.

Issues with the Modern Warfare 2 benchmark were noticed shortly after release, with CapFrameX noting that the game’s “algorithm has a (local) aggregation/rounding issue”, meaning that fps figures were inaccurately reported. In an image provided by its Twitter account, you can see that frame rate figures reported by the software versus the built-in benchmark differ wildly.

However, as part of the Modern Warfare 2 Week One Patch, developer Infinity Ward has now updated the benchmark with “a more accurate reading of the fps display.” Sure enough, CapFrameX reports that the tool is “looking much better now,” with results lining up with its own frame rate measurements.

Now’s a great time to figure out the best Modern Warfare 2 settings for your gaming PC, given the benchmark’s newfound accuracy. Just make sure that your rig meets the Modern Warfare 2 system requirements before jumping in.