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Best MW2 FSS Hurricane loadout

Having the best MW2 FSS Hurricane loadout will help you dominate your enemies both up close and in the mid-range, as this SMG can do it all

The best FSS Hurricane loadout in Modern Warfare 2: a submachine gun sits in a foam case

Building the best MW2 FSS Hurricane loadout provides you with a weapon that excels in close-range encounters, while also having enough stopping power to put your opponents down at mid-range. Adding attachments to keep its recoil under control helps with longer engagements in the FPS game while maintaining your mobility, this keeps you on your toes when fights start to get up close and personal. Here is the best FSS Hurricane loadout in Modern Warfare 2.

The best Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane loadout is:

  • Barrel: FSS-X7 Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Forge-TAC Ripper 56
  • Rear Grip: Xten Grip
  • Stock: Demo Quicksilver Collapsed
  • Optic: SZ Mini

Our aim with these specific attachments is to find the sweet spot between mobility and recoil stability, giving you the flexibility to fight on your own terms in a multiplayer match. First up is the FSS-X7 Barrel which upgrades the weapon’s bullet velocity, damage range, and hip fire accuracy at the expense of some movement speed and hip recoil control. The Forge-TAC Ripper 56 improves the FSS Hurricane’s recoil control when aiming down sights, but it hurts movement speed and agility in the process.

For the rear grip, we’ve gone with the Xten Grip to speed up the sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed, though this does hurt our recoil control a tiny bit. Adding the Demo Quicksilver Collapsed stock reverts the movement penalties from the last batch of attachments while giving you the bonus of a tighter hip-fire spread.

The SZ Mini optic we’ve gone for is purely down to personal preference. If you’re the type of player who prefers iron sights then go for that. As an alternative option, add go for the Hollow Point ammo type to slow your enemy’s movement on hit, this will make finishing off kills that much easier.

That’s the best FSS Hurricane loadout in Modern Warfare 2. If you’re looking to engage your enemies at a longer range, this best M4 loadout has exactly what you need. If you’re looking to dominate one of the best PC games of last year, pair the FSS Hurricane with a ranged weapon. They don’t come much better than the best MW2 sniper rifles, which can eliminate your enemies even at extreme distances.