Best Modern Warfare 2 MCPR-300 loadout for season 2

Even though this is the first sniper rifle you unlock, the best MW2 MCPR-300 loadout is one of the most deadly, and is able to take down enemies with ease.

Best Modern Warfare 2 MCPR-300 loadout: a sniper rifle sits in a cushioned gun case

The best Modern Warfare 2 MCPR-300 loadout is for those who enjoy a life of anonymity; a secret existence punctuated only by a sharp snap and cries of ‘man down’. With exceptional range and bullet velocity, this is easily one of the best guns in Modern Warfare 2, and it has the added bonus of being the first sniper rifle you unlock.

Bolt-action rifles in Modern Warfare 2 occasionally have difficulty following up on missed shots, further exacerbated by a long reload time. Fortunately, the MCPR-300 is fitted with a magazine so reloading is much quicker than its counterparts. With the attachments below boosting bullet velocity, you’ll find hitting your targets as easy as pie.

Best MCPR loadout attachments

The best Modern Warfare 2 MCPR-300 loadout is:

  • Barrel: 19” Silentfire Barrel
  • Laser: Corio LAZ-44 V3
  • Ammunition: .300 Mag High Velocity
  • Magazine: 5-Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Cronen Cheetah Grip

The 19” Silentfire Barrel solves a few problems for us when attached, not only does it increase bullet velocity, but it doubles up as a suppressor. Not having to attach a muzzle to the MCPR-300 saves an attachment slot for a more specific piece of gear, like the Corio LAZ-44 V3 laser, which markedly improves ADS speed and aiming stability. The laser does have the downside of being visible to enemies, but with the increased ADS speed, they’ll be dead before they realise what’s going on.

Taking the .300 Mag High Velocity rounds further increases the MCPR-300’s bullet velocity, and although it slightly decreases damage range, the uptick in bullet speed makes long-range kills easier to secure.

The 5-Round Mag is an absolute must as it decreases the overall weight of the sniper rifle. Less weight translates into better movement speed, faster ADS speed, quicker sprint to fire speed, and a much improved reload time. The only downside to the 5-Round Mag is the reduced magazine ammunition capacity, but five rounds should be more than enough to finish what you started.

Lastly, the Cronen Cheetah Grip rounds off the loadout by further increasing the ADS speed, and sprint to fire speed, with a slight increase to your recoil control. As a bolt-action rifle, recoil control isn’t something you have to worry about as there’s a gap between each shot which lets you re-centre the reticle.

There you have the best Modern Warfare 2 MCPR-300 loadout. You’ll find that the ADS speed is more than capable of dealing with close foes who may creep up on you, while still having the brute force to take out targets from afar. To see how it ranks with the others in its class, check out the best Modern Warfare 2 sniper rifles here. If you’re planning on sitting back and wreaking havoc, you’ll need to know which are the best perks, and killstreaks for staying off the map. For something decidedly non-warfare related, check out our best PC games list for the cream of the non-violent crop.