All Modern Warfare 2 perks, packages, and how the new system works

The Modern Warfare 2 perks feel familiar, but the perk system has had an overhaul, changing the way you earn and use perks in multiplayer modes

Modern Warfare 2 perks and perk syaytem: two operative with night vision goggles

The best Modern Warfare 2 perks and perk system look slightly unfamiliar this time around, with new perk packages entering the fray. Perk packages still include two standard perks, but bonus and ultimate perks make their debut in the FPS game.

Perks are just one part of your Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer setup, and allow you to choose a loadout of four, each with its own unique benefit in the multiplayer game. These could be hiding you from enemy UAVs or spawning with an additional tactical item – and the right perk could make the world of difference to your performance.

Modern Warfare 2 perks system: A list of some basic perks in-game

All Modern Warfare 2 perks

The following list is every perk available in Modern Warfare 2 since launch, whether more will become available in the future remains to be seen, but this is likely to be the full roster.

Perk Perk type Unlock Level Use
Overkill Basic 31 Carry two primary weapons
Double Time Basic 0 Double tactical sprint duration and extend crouch movement speed by 30%
Battle Hardened Basic 37 Reduce the effect of enemy Flash, Stun, EMP, Gas Grenades, and Shock Sticks, and immune to Snapshot Grenades
Scavenger Basic 26 Resupply ammo and throwing knives from dead players
Bomb Squad Basic 11 Take reduced damage from non-Killstreak explosives. Reset fuse timers when picking up live grenades
Tracker Basic 39 Enemies leave behind a footprint trail, and you can see enemy death markers, while your kill markers are hidden from the opposing team
Extra Tactical Basic 18 Spawn with one additional tactical item
Strong Arm Basic 0 See a preview of the trajectory for thrown equipment
Resupply Bonus 30 Spawn with one additional lethal item, and equipment recharges over 25 seconds
Spotter Bonus 41 Spot enemy equipment, field upgrades, and killstreaks through walls, while aiming down sights highlights them for your whole team. You can hack enemy claymores, proximity mines, C4, and trophy systems
Cold-Blooded Bonus 28  Makes you undetectable to AI targeting systems and thermal optics. You won’t trigger high alert warning, or appear in enemy tactical cameras, recon drones, and spotter scopes
Fast Hands Bonus 8 Reload and use equipment faster, and change weapons quicker
Focus Bonus 50  Reduce flinch when aiming down sights and extend your Hold Breath duration
Hardline Bonus 0 Reduce Killstreak cost by one elimination. Reduce Scorestreak cost by 125
High Alert Ultimate 14 Get a visual alert when spotted by an enemy player outside of view
Ghost Ultimate 52 Become undetectable by UAVs, portable radars, and heartbeat sensors
Quick Fix Ultimate 44 Eliminating players immediately triggers health regeneration. Capturing and holding objectives increases health regeneration rate
Overclock Ultimate 0 Store an additional field upgrade charge, and increase field upgrade charge rate by 40%
Survivor Ultimate 34  Upon death, enter Last Stand with the ability to self-revive once per life, and teammates revive downed players faster
Bird’s Eye Ultimate 47 See a zoomed-out minimap, and UAV and radar pings reveal the enemy’s direction. Instantly pings enemies on the minimap upon earning the perk

Bonus and ultimate perks explained

While we’re used to having perks that are active from the very start of a game, and basic perks still are, bonus and ultimate perks work slightly differently, only becoming active part way through the game. As standard, bonus perks are earned four minutes into each Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer match, while ultimate perks become active after eight minutes. This time can then be reduced by killing enemies and capturing and holding objectives.

Each time you respawn, perk icons show at the bottom of your screen, showing how close you are to activating your bonus and ultimate perks. Once earned, you’ll get a large visual notification, and audio confirmation.

Perk packages

A perk package quite simply is the umbrella term for your setup of two basic perks, one bonus, and one ultimate. There are some preset perk packages to choose from if you’re not sure, or you want to give some new perks a try. Even better, once you manage to work out your favourite perk loadouts for each different mode, you can save them all, and uniquely name each package.

That’s everything we know about Modern Warfare 2 perks. While you wait, why not familiarise yourself with all the Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks, the best MW2 guns, and each of the game modes in which the perks above will be so crucial.