Modern Warfare 2 beta players think Call of Duty is moving too fast

Feedback for the Modern Warfare 2 beta suggests that players think the time to kill in Infinity Ward's Call of Duty is too quick and that it should be changed

The Modern Warfare 2 beta is upon us, and the newest Call Of Duty game brings Infinity Ward’s signature gameplay along with it. That said, players have been collecting their feedback online, and it looks like there’s one major change they want to see made with the full release of the multiplayer game.

When Infinity Ward asked for feedback online yesterday, the biggest concern from players that continued to pop up was the Modern Warfare 2 beta’s time to kill, which many are saying is far too short, leading to quicker deaths in the FPS game.

A consensus is forming around the upcoming game’s time to kill being too fast, with some calling for it to be closer to Modern Warfare 2019’s pacing instead. “Time to kill is horrible,” said one player. “I get killed before I can react.”

Another player added that “M4s are killing at the same rate as shotguns up close. Tweaking this seems necessary to incentivise fun variety up close. Additionally, a marginal amount of survivability will encourage people to move more.”

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This time to kill in the Modern Warfare 2 beta combines with louder footsteps, which again many are saying changes the dynamic of the shooter in a way that it shouldn’t. It means that friendly footsteps are very loud too, making it difficult to discern if a friend or foe is nearby sometimes.

Fan-favourite perk Dead Silence has also been changed from a perk to a field upgrade, meaning it’s no longer active at all times but instead has to cooldown after being used for a limited time.

The overall consensus for the whole of the Modern Warfare 2 beta is that the game looks and plays great, but that these types of problems should be resolved to iron out any kinks with the experience.

All of this comes from an official feedback thread on Reddit, so odds are Infinity Ward will take actionable steps towards what players give constructive criticism about the most.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the new entry in the franchise, we have the Modern Warfare 2 beta release date right here, from when it opens to all players to early access details. We also have all the big changes in the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith system, so you can get acquainted with weapon customisation in the shooter.