Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith details: every big change

The Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith system has been completely revamped from the previous iteration, here's what that means for customising your weapons

Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith: a customised version of the FJX Cinder assault rifle

Want to know how Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith 2.0 works? Attachments in the Vanguard version of Gunsmith started to get out of hand last year, allowing players to pick up to ten unique attachments. This is great if you know what you’re doing, but the Gunsmith became too complicated for new players to this FPS game to get to grips with right away.

Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith 2.0 strips the maximum number of attachments back to five in each gun, and introduces weapon platforms to the multiplayer game for the first time. These platforms allow you to share some attachments across the other guns in its family. For example, if you reach the highest level using the M4, guns like the FTAC Recon SMG can share attachments like scopes and muzzles without having to invest any additional time using the SMG. Here’s everything you need to know about the Gunsmith system in Modern Warfare 2, and what it means for weapon customisation.

Gunsmith 2.0 weapon platforms

Unlocking every attachment for a single weapon in Modern Warfare required players to invest hours grinding to reach the gun’s level cap. Gunsmith 2.0 speeds up this lengthy process by placing each gun into a family tree of sorts, and by creating a pool of attachments that can be shared throughout the family. Here are the attachments that can be used across all guns in a weapon platform:

  • Receivers
  • Barrels
  • Stocks
  • Rear Grips
  • Magazines

Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith: the M4 assault rifle attachment selection in the gunsmith

Receivers are a brand new attachment slot that unlocks a different type of weapon in the Gunsmith. Any attachments you’ve unlocked before claiming the receiver can be used on your new gun. There’s a second batch of attachments that you can unlock per weapon which can be used with any gun:

  • Optics
  • Ammunition
  • Underbarrels
  • Foregrips

In the case of the M4, it has four guns in its weapon platform which automatically receive multiple attachments once the assault rifle has been levelled up. In Vanguard and Warzone, new weapons were added to the game every few months with seasonal updates. Players won’t need to invest anywhere near the same amount of time unlocking attachments once a new weapon is released.

Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith: every FJX Cinder attachment displayed on a black background

Gunsmith 2.0 weapon vault

Weapon Vaults are joining weapon blueprints in the Call of Duty Store, giving players access to a custom weapon featuring a unique skin and a range of attachments. The example used in the Call of Duty blog is the FJX Cinder which comes with the Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition. Bear in mind that the FJX Cinder has a custom skin which means its attachments may not suit some of the weapons in your arsenal.

That’s everything you need to know about the Gunsmith 2.0 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. If you want to keep up to date with the latest battle royale game in the series, we have a guide on the Warzone 2 release date which is set to launch in November.