How to get a Warzone 2 black site key

If you want to secure your loadout and also have the chance to obtain special weapon blueprints, you'll need to know how to get a Warzone 2 black site key

How to get Warzone 2 black site keys: a group of soldiers storm an enemy stronghold

Knowing how to get a Warzone 2 black site key doesn’t only lead you to high-tier loot, but the process of obtaining the special item will also reward you with your loadout, and eventually a special weapon blueprint if you manage to go all the way.

You’re going to need every bit of loot you can get your hands on to secure that win in the battle royale game, and with the addition of strongholds and black sites, there are more ways than ever to get geared enough to take on your opponents. Before you even think of assaulting a black site, however, you’ll need to get through the front door.

Warzone 2 black site key explained

To access one of the new black sites in Warzone 2, you’ll need an item in order to get into the building – a key, to be specific. These can only be found after clearing out a stronghold and disarming the bomb held within. Strongholds will be assigned to a random set of buildings each game, and each one houses hordes of deadly AI that you and your squad will need to take out to gain access to the bomb.

Once you’ve defused the situation, you’ll gain access to your loadout, and a black site key. It’s important to note that it’s only the first squad in each match that completes a specific stronghold that will be awarded with a black site key.

Use the black site key on a black site to gain entry, and prepare to take on another group of tough AI opponents, with high-level loot and a special weapon blueprint waiting for you at the end of the firefight.

Now you know how to get a Warzone 2 black site key you’ll want to be planning your drops on the Warzone 2 map to line up with these loot havens. Taking on the swarms of AI enemies – as well as the human opponents in the multiplayer game – needs a heavy-hitting weapon, with the best Warzone 2 AR being an excellent place to start.