How to get a nuke in Warzone

Getting a Warzone 2 nuke is possible, and thanks to some of the world's best players, we know how to earn the devastating, game-ending explosion

How to get a Warzone 2 nuke: three soldiers look on at a huge explosion

How do you get a Warzone nuke? The sought-after kill streak ends the game for everyone except your squad and hands you an instant win. It’s an overpowered secret that would be a menace if players could get it with any sort of regularity, so knowing it is pretty tough to acquire should come as a relief.

While you can theoretically get a nuke to end a game, it shouldn’t be the thing you rely on to get a win. For that, you’ll need the best Warzone guns so you and your squad to get that W the old-fashioned way.

How to get a nuke in Warzone

Thanks to the world’s first squad to earn the nuke in Warzone, we now know how to do it ourselves. And, in the hours since it happened, a few others have now followed in their footsteps. The steps to earning the nuke in Warzone are:

  • Win five consecutive Warzone 2 battle royale matches.
  • Locate and accept the Champion’s Quest contract.
  • Locate the three chemical elements to construct the nuke.
  • Survive until the bomb site location is revealed.
  • Assemble the nuke using the three elements.
  • Arm the bomb, and defend it from opponents for two minutes.

The first step alone, winning five matches in a row in the battle royale game, is pretty tough in itself. But if you manage it, you start your sixth match with a Champion’s Quest marked on your map. The rest must all be completed within the same match to trigger that game-winning nuke.

The biggest difficulty with finding the elements, constructing, and detonating the nuke is surviving – people will be after you. But as Youtuber Stellar shows below, maintain good communication with your team, survive the gulag if it comes to that, and you can still get back on track.

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If you’re planning on acquiring this weapon of mass destruction in one of the best free PC games, you’ll need some firepower of your own first. Our best Warzone loadout gives you the rundown of the best guns to take into battle as you try and get those consecutive wins.