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Warzone challenge sees a group of players attempt to win with no kills

Warzone challenges are a fun way to inject some new life into Activision's Call of Duty battle royale game, with one taking players to win the map with no kills

Warzone challenge sees a group of players attempt to win with no kills: T1000 wags their finger at the camera

Warzone challenges are a way for players to try and keep things fresh in the battle royale game, with some people attempting a melee-only run, or winning a game with only a sniper rifle. This group of players attempted to win a game with only a riot shield, a screwdriver, and a bit of luck.

While once upon a time Call of Duty: Warzone was the premier shooter title, it’s popularity has continued to dwindle as normality resumes.

The battle royale dropped when many people were in lockdown, and speaking personally, was the perfect game for keeping in touch with friends and maintaining what little sanity I had left at the time. Grouping up with some buddies and dropping on Superstore felt like it would never get old, and coming up with different strategies was a daily task that we all loved.

These strategies never really evolved into anything beyond taking the turrets in Prison and holding out for as long as we could, but creativity was never really our strong point. Some players, however, very recently, have been hatching a plan to win a game of Fortune’s Keep without any kills, using only a riot shield for protection against the entire lobby of gun-toting maniacs.

After hours of trying the no kill win challenge we finally succeeded!! from CODWarzone

The video begins during the last circle, with the team in question holed-up underground with their shields raised high. It quickly devolves into running around frantically, avoiding human contact and, luckily, finding a bunch of PDS items to stave off the damaging gas.

The win is secured with $84,000 in the bank and zero damage on the board – another win for pacifism. One comment below the video admits respect for the players: “you sir are the rat king and my personal hero.”

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