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Warzone Rebirth Island sunset leaves players blinded with rage

A recent change to Warzone Rebirth Island changes the time of day to include a sunset in the FPS battle royale game with visibility being reduced in the process

Warzone Rebirth Island sunset leaves players blinded with rage: Man with sunglasses patrols with an assault rifle in hand

Warzone Rebirth Island is a mainstay for the battle royale game, giving those who don’t enjoy Calderra an option to play out a smaller, more intense battle with their friends. With the latest update, however, Raven Software has implemented some changes in the lighting around the island that has caused some major concerns amongst the player base.

Sunsets. They are something almost universally loved by humans, directly simulating the part of our brain that experiences joy and the wondrous contemplation of existence. That is, apparently, unless you’re a Call of Duty Warzone player and you get beamed out of nowhere because you can’t see.

A change to the Rebirth Island map creates soft lighting and a low sun in the sky – atmospheric, for sure, but perhaps not ideal for intense, fast-paced combat. The general consensus from the discourse on Reddit is that the changes look lovely, but ultimately create a worse gameplay experience, with one user putting it plainly: “I hate it, bad visibility for spotting enemies.”

The idea that looking eastward results in burning your retina isn’t, in my opinion, a complete disaster – rather, it offers a unique tactical problem to overcome. If everyone has the same issues with visibility, why not use that to your advantage and approach from the side of the sun, masking your approach and eliminating your enemy before they even know you’re there? Take a leaf out of this player’s book: “I’m digging the sunset vibe. Just me, a margarita, and about 210 rounds of AR ammo to make it a good day.”

This update looks to ring in the last of the changes to the BR before the sequel releases in a few months, so I guess it’s quite apt that the sun is setting on Warzone, for now at least.

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