Call of Duty: Warzone’s FFAR 1, M16, and Roze skin have been nerfed

Good news for some, we're sure.

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone is here, which means we have a patch full of tweaks and changes to sift through. We knew Raven had plans to nerf the Roze skin, FFAR 1, and M16, but now they’re here and they looked pretty substantial indeed.

Raven has adjusted the Roze skin to “improve the Operators readability/visibility where sources of light are available”. If you weren’t aware, the skin has been a bugbear for the community for a while now as it has all-black camouflage. You’d be slightly annoyed, too, if you were felled by a player lying prone in a dark room with a Roze skin.

Now, for the FFAR1. The gun’s crosshair has been updated to match other assault rifles, and the maximum damage and range have been decreased to 27 from 30 and by 15%, respectively. The ADS speed has also been decreased slightly, though we don’t know by how much exactly. “With high damage, rate of fire, and a competitive mag size, the FFAR 1 has enjoyed a lengthy reign of terror on the short-to-mid range engagement space,” Raven says. “When a weapon is so ruthlessly efficient that it pushes the entirety of a weapon category out of viability, it needs to be addressed. The FFAR 1 will remain a respectable option following this change, but it should now be a playstyle preference rather than a loadout necessity.”

The M16, meanwhile, has had its time between bursts increased by 10% and neck damage multiplier changed from 1.8 to 1.1. The Cold War Tactical Rifle Charlie has seen similar changes to its burst speed and neck damage multiplier.

“The Cold War Tactical Rifle Charlie and the M16 were able to reach rates of fire that allowed the wielder to negate a requisite identity pillar of burst rifles—accuracy,” Raven says.

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“With their extreme rates of fire and generous burst pattern, shots were not required to be well placed. You would inherit the high damage profile and range of burst rifles with minimal downside. With this change, and the change to Fire Rate barrels noted below, you will now need to aim deliberately if you intend to kill quickly.”

If you’d like to catch the patch notes, you can find them here. The Call of Duty: Warzone nuke event part 2 release time isn’t here quite yet, but we’ve got a decent idea of how things will shake up for this season’s meta.