Now Alexa will tell you why you suck at Call of Duty: WW2

call of duty ww2 alexa

The bright dream – or dark nightmare – of the future is now upon us, as it’s time for an artificial intelligence to tell you exactly how your Call of Duty matches are going. There’s a new Alexa app currently in beta, which will look into your COD stats after every match, breaking down what went wrong (or right) in your game.

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Enabling the Call of Duty skill on Alexa and tying it to your COD account will enable commands like “ask Call of Duty how I did last match.” That can offer up standard stat details, like K/D ratio, winning percentages, and objective points, or it can open the door to some more closely personalized coaching.

Alexa can give loadout advice, mode strategies, and more specific details on how you can improve. Activision say the machine learning model analyzes “more than 20” gameplay factors to offer recommendations, responsive to 2,500 questions and equipped with 250,000 unique responses built on those stats.

You can also use the skill to speed up some more mundane tasks, like checking your stats versus friends on the leaderboards and how many of your friends are online. You can also track contracts, and get updates on game events and relevant news.

If the idea of an AI watching – and learning from – your performance doesn’t terrify you, Alexa will make a perfect companion to your time in the new Blitzkrieg event.