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Call of Duty: WW2’s peak player count is 400% higher than Infinite Warfare’s

Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty: WWII’s peak concurrent player count is five times higher than the series’ last outing. WWII peaked at a player count 395% higher than that achieved by 2016’s Infinite Warfare.

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The game reached number 8 on Steam’s most played when it released last week, peaking at 76,000 players (56,000 multiplayer, with the rest made up through single-player, according to githyp). By contrast, Infinite Warfare managed only 15,000 players at its peak.

That launch makes WWII the most successful Call of Duty game in five years, since the release of Black Ops 2. That game saw a combined peak of just under 100,000 players when it launched in 2012. After that, player counts dropped year after year, despite an attempt to revitalise the series with several futuristic titles.

The high player-counts that Call of Duty: WWII is experiencing follows the news that week one sales in the UK were 57% higher in terms of units than for Infinite Warfare, and made 21% more money, displacing FIFA 18 and Assassin’s Creed Origins at the top of the UK charts.