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Leaked Call of Duty: WW2 footage shows off Gun Game and more new modes

call of duty ww2 gun game leak

A bit of leaked video footage has revealed some new modes and features making their way to Call of Duty: WWII in the near future, and the upcoming updates look pretty significant. There are a variety of new and returning modes, and a pretty solid selection of fresh weapons coming to the game.

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Those new modes include Demolition, Control, and Infected, as well the ever-popular Gun Game. You can also see a handful of new weapons, including the Sten, Volkssturmgewehr and Gewehr 43.

Activision have been pulling down the leaks as best they’re able, but as always it’s tough to quiet information once it’s hit the internet. You can check out the video for yourself through a Streamable link that comes to us by way of VG247– or, rather, you could have in the time between writing and posting this article, because that link is now dead. The info is naturally all over Reddit.

It’s not the only recent leak for the game, as datamining last week revealed new weapon variants are soon on the way. Given Activision’s recent, aggressive trademark defences, perhaps we can expect a pet poop-themed mode coming to COD. They already have the dog tech.