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New strategy game is XCOM with superheroes, coming very soon

Blending superheroes with strategy, Capes finally has a Steam release date for the XCOM and Midnight Suns inspired turn-based game.

Capes Steam release date

Marvel’s Midnight Suns perfectly marries the excellence of the Firaxis XCOM games with superhero antics. The two games aren’t exactly the same, with Midnight Suns opting for smaller playspaces and less of the dead soldiers, but it proved that strategy and superheroes are a great mix. This is something Capes wants to do too, as the upcoming superhero strategy game finally locks down a release date – one that’s coming real soon.

This is Capes. A strategy game taking place 20 years after the villains win, Capes tasks you with recruiting other burgeoning superheroes to take on The Company, a nefarious organization that rules over King City. It’s got the same grid-based strategy you know and love from genre royalty, but with a comic book-adjacent twist.

You’ll need to recruit and discover combos for your superhero soldiers, with their abilities intersecting in different ways to offer up unique opportunities on the grid-based battlefields. You’ll gain XP and level up between main and side missions, with those extra boosts perfect for when you need to take down some of the big bosses.

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You’ll take up to four heroes with you on each mission, with every hero able to combine their powers with another to create a special ability. As with games like XCOM though, positioning and understanding of the environment matters. Superpowers can’t save you from everything, right? You’ll fare much better if you complete each mission’s hero-specific challenges, however, as these will give you extra Skill Points and even more hero missions.

Capes comes to Steam on Wednesday May 29, but you can wishlist the game or download the free demo while you wait, from right here.

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