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Castle of Illusion trailer makes Mickey look sumptuous; may be a trick, though


I’m still disappointed that SEGA chose not to go with Castle of Illusion’s Japanese title – I Love Mickey Mouse: Great Mysterious Castle Adventure. Other than that small caveat, the remake of Castle of Illusion is looking positively grand.

The new trailer shows the 2.5D world is excellently colourful and looks fit to burst with life.

While there may not be anything new going on in this game feature-wise, it’s a bog standard platformer affair, there’s always going to be a place in my heart for competently made platformers. Particularly when the art’s as good as that in I Love Mickey Mouse: Great Mysterious Castle Adventure Castle of Illusion, it’s bright, bouncy, colourful, and simply looks warming. The game should be all sorts of wholesome fun.

We’re being spoilt by Disney at the moment. As well as I Love Micke Castle of Illusion, Ducktales is seeing a remastered release.

Cheers, VG247.