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This Doom mod is the 3D Castlevania you’ve always wanted

castlevania simon's destiny doom mod

Castlevania had a rough time transitioning to 3D. The less said about Castlevania 64 the better, and even the pretty solid Lords of Shadow games lacked that real Castlevania essence. But now it seems we might finally have the 3D Castlevania of our dreams in the form of a Doom mod.

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Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny is a mod that aims to recreate the original NES game as a first-person shooter – or first-person whipper, if you will. It looks great in both the trailer above and in the game itself, featuring all the whips, daggers, skeletons, and bats you could want. And yes, you whip candles for power-ups.

It’s built on GZDoom, which is in turn an offshoot of the same alternate engine that powered some of the game’s most popular mods, like Brutal Doom. Aside from the inherent awkwardness of first-person melee, Simon’s Destiny works incredibly well, and unlike any Castlevania game before it finally makes daggers a useful subweapon. I’d like to assure you all, however, that I am absolutely not sneaking in runs at the castle during work hours.

You can grab the light download at the ZDoom forums, and the install instructions will have you up and running in a handful of minutes. Enjoy the slightly late Halloween treat.