Open your eyes, sheep-le, Catherine’s out now on PC

After some less-than-subtle teasers, Atlus' sexy ovine puzzle platformer is now available on PC

January 10, 2019 After several teases, Catherine Classic has now been released on Steam.

In what is perhaps the least surprising announcement you’ll see this week, Sega has announced that Catherine is finally coming to PC. Catherine Classic is a port of Atlus’ 2011 PS3 puzzle-platformer, and it’s available now.

The existence of a new Catherine thing for PC isn’t much of a surprise. A sheep-themed teaser showed up last week on Bayonetta’s store page, and has been followed up by several more ovine arrivals over the past few days. If that weren’t enough, the game’s ESRB rating also appeared last week, basically guaranteeing its existence.

As of this afternoon, Sega has finally confirmed all of those teasers, revealing that the game is now available to purchase. The game has you play as Vincent, a man who must navigate his dual relationships with his girlfriend Katherine and new love-interest Catherine, all while suffering from strange nightmares. Somewhere along the way, this involves an awful lot of sheep and sheep-related images, although given Catherine’s previous PlayStation exclusivity, I’m yet to actually find out how it all fits together.

The PC release of Catherine comes ahead of the game’s official re-release – Catherine: Full Body is due out later this year. That said, there’s no word on an official release date yet, and no guarantee that it’ll come to PC.

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You can check out the game’s PC launch trailer in the video below:

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And yes, this opens up just a tiny bit of hope for Persona to hit PC. Atlus is bringing one of its strangest creations to the platform, so maybe – just maybe – we’ve got a shot at seeing the much bigger RPG eventually head to Steam.