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You can now play Doom on 200 RGB fans

One of the quirkier projects we saw at CES was a giant wall of be quiet! RGB fans, capable of playing Doom, Tetris, and even Rickrolling.

Doom RGB fans

The wonders of the CES show floor are often still capable of throwing the odd surprise our way. This year, a giant wall of 200 be quiet! RGB fans have been turned into a display capable of playing Doom and Tetris. But don’t watch it for too long, because you might get Rickrolled.

Our coverage of CES 2024 isn’t over and while we have focused on many exciting new products due to land over the next year and beyond, the show is about more than just new ways to spend your cash.

This fun project comes courtesy of DaKrazyKid on Reddit, and it’s a glorious sight to behold, once your eyes adjust to what is happening.

be quiet! RGB fan wall at CES

Thanks to be quiet! providing 200 RGB fans, DaKrazyKid and the team at SignalRGB were able to create an eye-catching display that was initially quite hard to properly process.

Funnily enough, thanks to the suggestion of a few different Reddit commenters, by taking my glasses off, everything became much clearer. It’s quite mesmerizing until you realize you’re being rickrolled by 200 PC fans.

Other delights in the short highlight reel posted to Reddit include Tetris, Doom, and Nyan Cat. My inner millennial started to groan at that last one, mainly from remembering how many hours I sank into that damn mobile app trying to beat my friends’ high scores.

Despite my harrowing flashbacks, this is just another reason why shows like CES are needed in the tech industry. Let the big tech companies like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel fight it out on the presentation stages while projects like this flourish on the show floor.

As you can see from our image below, the wall wasn’t cycling memes and playing games all the time, as it often created a gentler backdrop for any visitors to the be quiet! booth in Las Vegas.

Photo of the be quiet fan wall at CES displaying a fire-like color pattern

As I’ve already mentioned, our CES coverage isn’t quite done, as we saw too many incredible products to cover in just one week. Some highlights include previewing the Acer Predator Helios 18 and even covering an AI game controller that’s always trying to predict your next move.