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The most unique FPS in years just launched and nobody is playing it

One of the most unique and stylish new FPS games in years has finally arrived on Steam, but despite its promise, it has almost no players.

Children of the Sun Steam players: A man holding a revolver in Steam FPS game Children of the Sun

Between Helldivers 2, Balatro, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Last Epoch, and more, there are plenty of new games so far this year to keep you busy. It’s a wilderness out there. Every day on Steam there are dozens of fresh releases, while your old favorites and ongoing games get big updates and new DLC. Life is busy, time is short. But it means some fantastic games go overlooked and underplayed. Just launched on Steam, one of the most unique and distinctive new shooters in years delivers bags of style, intricate challenge, and a subversive take on the entire genre. Nevertheless, as of this writing, it has fewer than 80 players – 95% of all the user reviews are positive, but this one isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

Children of the Sun comes from Cult of the Lumb and Hotline Miami publisher Devolver. An FPS game by way of a puzzler, it casts you as a vengeful sniper, assassinating members of the eponymous cult amidst an acid-streaked, fever-dream vision of the Deep South. The twist is that you only fire a single bullet per level. Rather than killing a target, repositioning, and firing again, you must guide your solitary projectile from skull to skull in one contemporaneous motion. If you hit a solid surface, you start over.

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Short, snappy, and stylish, Children of the Sun has attracted rave notices from players and reviewers – alongside the 95% positivity rating on Steam, it stands at a supremely respectable 82 on Metacritic. Nevertheless, since launching on Tuesday April 9, it’s attracted, at most, 224 concurrent players. As of this moment, on Thursday April 11, there are only 73 people playing Children of the Sun on Steam.

Children of the Sun Steam players: A graph displaying the player count for FPS game Children of the Sun

If you’re looking for a change from the mainstream and want something truly original, that also won’t eat up your life for days on end, Children of the Sun is available right here, and well worth your time.

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