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Essential new Cities Skylines 2 mod solves your biggest building woes

Cities Skylines 2 mods are vital for making the most Colossal Order’s latest, and now, a new CS2 fix totally solves your building problems.

Cities Skylines 2 mods building demand: A huge metropolis from Colossal Order city building sim Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 mods have become the gift that keeps on giving. Following the turbulent launch of the new strategy sim from Paradox and Colossal Order, many of the technical and performance problems facing CS2 have been slowly resolved from the developer end. The intricacies of the actual simulation, however, are being worked on by the community – just like the original Cities Skylines, some of the most essential nips, tucks, and perceptive changes are arriving via mods. If managing space, time, and building work in Cities Skylines 2 has been getting you down, and you want to rectify the hugely long waits for construction projects, this new CS2 mod is precisely what you need.

Cities Skylines 2 mods aren’t officially here yet – we’re still waiting for the new Paradox platform that will make sharing and creating user-made material for the city building game easier, and which is set to arrive in 2024. Nevertheless, the CS2 modding community has been hard at work improving and overhauling everything from traffic to roads, services, and the economy. Likewise, some classic mods from CS1 are slowly moving over to the Cities Skylines 2. ‘Infinite Demand,’ by ‘johnytoxic,’ is one such example.

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You know how it goes. You build your road network, paint your commercial, residential, and industrial zones, and wait for them all to appear. If demand for housing is high, that new suburban area will go up like a shot. If it’s low, well, you could be waiting a while. Meanwhile, your attention is being pulled in other directions, and you’ve got several new priorities incoming.

Infinite Demand provides a simple fix. Essentially, it ensures that the demand bars – those multi-colored gauges at the bottom of the screen – are always full. This ‘tricks’ Cities Skylines 2 into thinking that all your construction work, whether it’s a new residential zone, commercial district, office block, or industrial park, needs building as soon as possible.

And hey presto – instead of waiting around, whenever you paint a new zone, the buildings will all rise up in an instant. It’s a neat way of speeding up the overall game and expediting all your plans without compromising the overall simulation. You can get Infinite Demand right here.

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