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New Cities Skylines 2 mods make road building a lot better

New Cities Skylines 2 mods vastly improve road building in the Paradox and Colossal Order strategy sim, making CS2 much easier and simpler.

Cities Skylines 2 mods: A huge set of skyscrapers from city building game Cities Skylines 2

New Cities Skylines 2 mods seriously overhaul and improve one of the most vital features in CS2, namely the construction and management of efficient roads and zones. The Paradox and Colossal Order strategy sim already introduces a number of useful changes to traffic and citizen management, but with a couple of significant tweaks, the Cities Skylines sequel gets a lot easier to use, and achieving that perfect metropolis feels a lot more intuitive. Available now, if you want the best Cities Skylines 2 build, these are for you.

Cities Skylines 2 mods are transformed owing to the new Paradox platform that aims to improve the creation and distribution of user-made material. As it stands, the new CS2 mod system is yet to arrive, but you can still tweak, enhance, and overhaul Cities Skylines 2 in the meantime – while the official modding platform for the city building game isn’t here yet, it’s still possible to use mods, and we’ve found some of the best for making road building and zoning management a lot easier.

First up, the pragmatically named ‘Unit as Length 0.1,’ which converts road measurements from the oftentimes confusing feet and meters to the simpler map unit measurement, just like the original Cities Skylines.

Now, when you’re laying down roads and mapping new intersections, if you’re familiar with CS1 it’s a lot easier to gauge how long each new stretch of highway, single-lane throughway, or intersection will actually be, so you can more effectively plan perfectly proportioned roads. Efficient Cities Skylines 2 roads are key to success – poor traffic management can mess up everything, from your economy to your education system, so simplifying the whole system is extremely helpful.

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On a similar note, ‘Transparent Zone Color’ makes surveying and planning in Cities Skylines 2 much, much easier. While the new overlays in CS2 are normally helpful, the vibrant zoning colors can sometimes get in the way of your designs, making it harder to plan everything out, because you’re dazzled by those bright greens and pinks.

The mod makes all the zoning blocks in your city transparent, so you can see where and what you’re building with considerably more ease. It also gives you a nice, unobstructed view of your build, without the distracting bright colors. Zoom in, plan everything with precision, then zoom back out to admire your handiwork.

You can get both of these essential mods right here. If you want easier road building, construction, and planning – and a better Cities Skylines 2 experience overall – they also come with full installation instructions.

Alternatively, look ahead to all the Cities Skylines 2 DLC that we’re expecting in the near future. You can also optimize your economy with our full Cities Skylines 2 industry guide, to help keep the money rolling in.