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Cities Skylines 2 dev says fixing trust “is hard” after rocky launch

Cities Skylines 2 Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen addresses how the studio aims to win back trust after the game's rocky launch.

Cities Skylines 2 CEO trust: a bright shot o a cityscape with tall buildings and lots of trees

Cities Skylines 2 developer Colossal Order continues to improve the city building game since its launch, all while the CEO addresses player feedback directly in the Paradox forums. This time the talk is about winning back trust, and how CO aims to do that with CS2.

After some Cities Skylines 2 CEO comments from Mariina Hallikainen about the game potentially not being for everyone made the rounds, the CEO has made further comments in the same Paradox forums about how developer Colossal Order wants to win back trust after the city building game’s rocky launch that I think are worth sharing. Cities Skylines 2 has a long way to go either way, that’s for sure.

Hallikainen responds to a player query about avoiding another Cyberpunk 2077-esque launch on Friday, December 1, saying, “Trust is hard. After losing it, it will take time to rebuild. And we must now do the work.

“Mistakes have been made but I believe in learning and that growth both emotional and professional is possible, if there is will,” Hallikainen continues. “So whatever the next title coming from this company is we are wiser both during the development phase and the release. However, these words mean very little now, we will just have to prove ourselves with the next game we release. And first, I hope, we can focus on Cities Skylines 2 for about a decade.”

Cities Skylines 2 CEO trust: a screenshot of the comments from Colossal Order's CEO

With the Cities Skylines 2 DLC delayed as around 100 bug fixes become Colossal Order’s main priority, it’s no secret that launch didn’t go as well as it could have. CO has even said that it stuck to the CS2 release despite a “potential kicking,” adding that the game was ready enough for the launch date despite any issues.

“I believe there is greatness in the game,” Hallikainen says in response to another player. “It’s not translating to the players as we hoped it would and that is something we are working on to improve.

“I am proud of the work done and even if we did run out of time I know the team and myself are working our hardest to improve the game so the experience wouldn’t be hindered by the issues. Performance is one thing, bugs another, and then we have a wide variety of feedback to work through.”

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