Cities Skylines 2 DLC delayed as CO identifies 100 different bugs

Cities Skylines 2 DLC has been pushed back as Colossal Order confirms that it is battling 100 different bugs in the new building sim.

Cities Skylines 2 DLC delayed: A big metropolis from Colossal Order city building game Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 DLC including asset and creator packs is delayed as Colossal Order prioritizes solutions for 100 different bugs identified and reproduced in the new building sim. The creator of CS2 previously confirmed that it would not release DLC until it was satisfied with the game’s performance. Colossal Order now shares more details on the technical problems affecting Cities Skylines 2, and outlines how it intends to remedy these, saying that various Cities Skylines 2 DLC will “not be landing in the originally promoted schedule.”

Cities Skylines 2 DLC is likely to keep the city building game alive and thriving for years to come. Although the base game offers a variety of new features and tools compared to the original CS1, post-launch material for Cities Skylines 2 is expected to bring further building options, landscapes, resources, and more. While Cities Skylines 2 mods offer solutions to some of the game’s trickier building and management issues, technical problems remain. Colossal Order says it has identified 100 different bugs in CS2.

“We continue to go through your bug reports and have logged around 100 reproducible issues that have been moved to the team to look into,” the developer says. “There are another 100 reports that we are still investigating that require more information and a bunch of duplicates, some of which add valuable information so we’ll go through all of them. We are also checking suggestions for improvement or new features, but these requests are currently at a lower priority.​”

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Colossal Order says it is addressing issues relating to in-game mail and citizen pathfinding. The exporting and distribution of manufactured goods outside of cities is also being investigated, though CO says that “like mail, [this] requires a deep dive to determine what is working as it should and what is not.

“We are committed to bringing the marketed DLC content to you, but it will not be landing in the originally promoted schedule,” Colossal Order says. “The first asset pack, Beach Properties, has been worked on by our artists and our outsourcing partner, but we’ll only implement them after the asset fix and performance work are completed to our satisfaction. I apologize for the delay, but we must not rush new content out before the base is ready for it. This also stands for the content creator Packs and radio stations.”

The first Cities Skylines 2 asset pack was originally slated for release in Q4 of 2023, but will now arrive in Q1 2024. Similarly, the creator packs were expected Q1 of 2024, but have been pushed back to Q2 2024. The game’s first medium expansion will still arrive as expected in Q2 2024.

“This decision to delay certain content releases has been made as we are focusing on improving the game’s performance, in line with what has already been done over the past weeks,” Cities Skylines 2’s publisher, Paradox, says. “Our primary objective remains to ensure that every player gets a seamless and optimized experience while playing Cities Skylines 2.”

Cities Skylines 2 DLC delayed: A humble suburb from city building game Cities Skylines 2

With regards to technical fixes, Colossal Order says it is focused on improving CPU and GPU performance as well as the level of detail on various in-game assets. The developer says this will likely take more than a single patch.

“We are working on the level of detail models for the assets,” Colossal Order says. “This includes both adding missing LODs and improving the existing ones to improve the GPU performance. It might take more than one patch to address all of them, but we’ll roll out the first fixes as soon as possible. Following the asset and LOD fixes, we’ll work on improvements to CPU performance. This means focusing on the CPU stutters and simulation performance to improve simulation speed and smooth experience while scaling up the size of your cities.​”

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