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Cities Skylines 2 DLC pulled from Steam as dev outlines refunds

The Cities Skylines 2 DLC Beach Properties is delisted from Steam as Colossal Order outlines how refunds will be offered to players.

Cities Skylines 2 DLC delisted from Steam: A large downtown area in city building game Cities Skylines 2

The Cities Skylines 2 DLC, Beach Properties, has been delisted from Steam and is no longer available for purchase after Colossal Order, developer of the city building sequel, announced that any players who had bought the add-on pack would receive a full refund. Previously the first paid addition for Cities Skylines 2, backlash against the launch of Beach Properties has prompted Colossal Order to make the DLC free for all players and apologize for the current condition of CS2 base game. The developer outlines how refunds will be processed.

The first Cities Skylines 2 DLC has been heavily criticized, owing to the fact that it launched amidst other problems with the city building game that players believed should have been remedied first. Technical troubles and wrinkles in the overall Cities Skylines 2 simulation have been present since launch – the decision to release a paid add-on, while these problems remain, has created backlash from CS2 fans sufficient that Beach Properties became the worst-rated game or item on all of Steam. In a statement, Colossal Order says it will refund all purchases of the DLC pack, make it free to everyone, and also add more material to the Cities Skylines 2 Ultimate Edition. As of Friday April 19, Beach Properties is no longer available to buy on Steam.

Cities Skylines 2 DLC delisted from Steam: A shot from the Cities Skylines 2 Steam page showing the DLC is not available for sale

“We see and understand the disappointment many have expressed after the release of Beach Properties and agree that this DLC felt rushed and should not have been published in the state that it was,” Colossal Order says. “We have therefore decided to make the asset pack a free addition to the game, compensate those who bought it to the extent possible, and provide additional content within the Ultimate Edition in an effort to repay the loyalty we’ve seen in the community since the release of Cities Skylines 2.”

If you bought Beach Properties via Steam, Colossal Order explains that the cost of the purchase will be refunded directly to your Steam wallet. Customers who used the Microsoft or Paradox stores will be refunded to their accounts. If you bought Beach Properties via a third-party game key seller, Colossal Order says to contact the seller directly, as refund methods may vary between outlets.

Colossal Order explains that refunds are being processed manually and so could take “a while” before they are completed. The developer tells players to contact Paradox, Cities Skylines 2’s publisher, if they have not received a refund within a month. Instead of a refund, owners of the Cities Skylines 2 Ultimate Edition will receive three additional creator packs and three in-game radio stations for free.

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“Distribution of the included Expansion Pass across digital and physical storefronts creates complexities that makes it impossible to execute refunds,” Colossal Order says. “This solution hopefully ensures that you, as an Ultimate Edition purchaser, feel you receive fair compensation.”

Colossal Order says it is now prioritizing patches and fixes for the CS2 base game. The Cities Skylines 2 console version is tentatively expected to launch in October, and is being worked on by a dedicated team, separate from the PC build.

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