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Cities Skylines 2 editor lands early 2024, early access sign ups open

The Cities Skylines 2 editor will land in “early” 2024 Colossal Order confirms, as early access sign ups for the new CS2 suite go live.

The official Cities Skylines 2 editor will arrive in “early” 2024, Colossal Order says, as the developer also warns that current CS2 mods could break when the new suite arrives. Early access sign up is now available for the new Cities Skylines 2 editing tool, with Paradox and CO inviting players to test its functionality ahead of the full launch. The city building sim’s developer also says it will potentially launch one final “bigger” patch before the end of 2023.

Cities Skylines 2 mods are already available to help with traffic, economic, and other issues that you may have encountered in the city building game. However, some of these may have been created using an unfinished version of the editor, which Colossal Order now confirms will launch fully “early next year.” The Cities Skylines 2 developer warns that current mods may need to be reworked once the official CS2 editor arrives.

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“Cities Skylines 2’s release build included an unfinished version of the editor and it didn’t take long for it to be found,” Colossal Order says. “The modders took almost no time to figure out how they could create maps and started to advance the editor tools to their liking.

“However, I must ask for caution because any work done with the hidden, unfinished editor may break since there are still going to be changes to it. Some of the most notable changes will be in how the maps are saved so we can’t guarantee the maps saved on an unfinished version of the editor will work with the game in the long run.

“We’re currently testing the map Editor and there are already changes to the water placement and landscaping tools so any tools made touching upon these are also likely to break. The editor will be released early next year.”

Cities Skylines 2 editor release: A statement from Cities Skylines 2 developer Colossal Order

Colossal Order invites Cities Skylines 2 mod, asset, and map creators to join early-access testing for the new editor. The test will take place “a few weeks” before the editor officially launches, and will allow CS2 creators to share feedback regarding the new tools. You can sign up right here, but keep in mind that not everyone who signs up will be selected for the test.

A new Cities Skylines 2 patch may also arrive before the end of 2023, which Colossal Order says will focus on performance and bug fixes, and ensuring that all in-game achievements function properly. Players “may expect” the patch in December, but no specific date has been confirmed.

There’s a lot of new material on its way for CS2, so get a headstart on all the Cities Skylines 2 DLC. You might also want to check out some of the other best strategy games on PC.

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