Cities Skylines 2’s traffic and garbage systems just got big fixes

Cities Skylines 2 traffic and garbage management just got a lot easier, as Paradox and Colossal Order confirm some vital new CS2 fixes.

Cities Skylines 2 patch: A road bridge from Paradox and Colossal Order city building game Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 traffic management is like a game within a game, a supremely hard puzzler sneaked inside a city sim. You envision your road network, you spend hours poring over the perfect grids, intersections, and highway ramps, and then for some reason you still wind up with jams that last for literal in-game days, and your whole economy grinds to a halt. Likewise, CS2 garbage problems can throw your entire metropolis into disarray. Colossal Order and Paradox have already rolled out fixes for both these systems, but with weekly Cities Skylines 2 patches drawing to an end, two big remedies for traffic and garbage have finally arrived.

We’ve got everything you need to know about creating and managing efficient Cities Skylines 2 roads. Similarly, we can tell you everything you need about optimizing Cities Skylines 2 garbage collection. Nevertheless, there are some bugs, errors, and hiccups in the new city building game that are beyond our control, so it’s down to the latest Cities Skylines 2 patch to make these essential municipal systems much better.

In the previous CS2 patch, Colossal Order and Paradox fixed issues whereby buildings would under produce or over produce garbage, and collection trucks would either disappear or miraculously, spontaneously fill up during their route. Now, an issue with the ‘garbage piling up’ warning message has finally been resolved.

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Until now, even if your waste collection system was working at peak efficiency, you’d still get the notification telling you there was a problem. You could end up wasting money on incinerator plants and landfills – and adding to pollution in the process – even though you didn’t need them. Now, finally, that’s all been fixed.

More significant however, there are two big fixes for car and traffic behavior in Cities Skylines 2. I’ve seen far too many instances of drivers bypassing empty or partially empty building-specific parking lots and leaving their cars at the side of the road – although off-road parking is available, they’re jamming up the streets by parking on the roadside.

Similarly, there have been some seriously unusual pathfinding decisions going on, especially on highways where drivers will inexplicably make illegal u-turns, or come to a dead stop before changing lanes, even though they don’t need to.

The latest Cities Skylines 2 patch fixes the parking lot issue directly, as well as “multiple pathfinding bugs.” Hopefully, we’ll start to see drivers behaving more sensibly, and those big, out-of-nowhere traffic issues will fade away. Check out the full patch notes courtesy of Colossal Order.

Cities Skylines 2 patch notes 1.0.14f1

  • Reduced occurrences of texture resolution dropping
  • Fixed case where in-game would appear black when playing offline
  • Fixed undesired clothing variations
  • Fixed “Garbage Pilling Up” warning notification icon not being removed after garbage is collected
  • Fixed citizen model changing when characters go in/out of buildings
  • Increased citizen preference to park cars on building lots vs roadside
  • Fixed multiple pathfinding bugs and general improvements
  • Improved calculation accuracy for fitting pickups on parking lots
  • Fixed bug resetting line visibility when changing the Transport Overview Panel tab or transport type
  • Fixed flaws and optimized air pollution, especially on the Tampere map
  • Added “Under Construction” section and progress bar for spawnables SIP (Selected Info Panel)
  • Hid other SIP sections until building construction is completed
  • Added button to toggle visibility for whole list of lines at once
  • Balanced parking buildings’ construction and upkeep costs, electricity and water consumption, garbage accumulation, XP rewards and workplaces
  • Increased passive service coverage range and effect of the Elementary School, Medical Clinic, Hospital, Fire House, Fire Station, Police Station and Police Headquarters
  • Balanced processing and sewage capacity of Wastewater treatment plant Extra Processing Unit
  • Fixed coverage not shown fully green when placing Police station
  • Tweaked terrain cliff texture tiling and detail texture values
  • Fixed padding issues in the main menu
  • Fixed Japanese UI layout issues
  • Updated credits

Cities Skylines 2 patch: A huge metropolis from Paradox and Colossal Order city building game Cities Skylines 2

This is the final weekly Cities Skylines 2 patch, as CO moves to a longer timescale to create bigger, more encompassing fixes but less regularly. If you’re still having trouble with traffic, garbage, or anything else, the best Cities Skylines 2 mods should be able to help.

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