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Cities Skylines 2 massively overhauls how your metropolis progresses

Colossal Order has released a Cities Skylines 2 game progression dev diary, giving you the lowdown on the new development points and updated milestones.

Cities Skylines 2 game progression

Another day, another Cities Skylines 2 dev diary. This time it’s on game progression detailed by city-building game maker Colossal Order, and it’s safe to say the level of realism the team is shooting for continues to completely blow any expectations out of the water. With the Cities Skylines 2 release date closing in, these deep dives into what we can expect from Cities Skylines 2 are always very welcome.

There’s a lot to dig into, but you can expect 20 milestones in the game as you play compared to the original game’s nine. Each time you get to a milestone you get an expansion permit which let you add new map tiles to your city. These can have specific attributes to help you make the tile you need most at the time.

“Milestones also unlock new zone types to help your village grow into a thriving city, as well as more ways to control your city’s economy through increased Loan limits, Taxation, and Service Fees.” Colossal Order says.

You also get development points from completing milestones, which let you add city services that can be developed further to keep pace with the demands of your citizens. You get more and more advanced buildings as you progress through each development tree for each service, so while you can choose which parts of development to invest in, you still need to progress through each tree with development points.

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“You may want to unlock the Wastewater Treatment Plant to avoid polluting your surface water sources as soon as possible, maybe you want access to Harbors to benefit from the map’s seaways, or perhaps you want to provide your citizens with more sources of leisure with Sports Parks.”

Don’t forget, once you’ve unlocked these building types you’ll still need to pay to install those buildings in your city, but you do get different monetary rewards for reaching milestones too.

You get both passive and active XP points each in-game day in Cities Skylines 2, and this is how you reach each of the 20 milestones. As your city populace and their happiness increase, you’ll get more XP, but active XP gets awarded for adding certain infrastructures to CS2, so you have multiple ways to get that much-needed XP.

So while population still impacts milestones as it did in the original Cities Skylines, the change here is that your populace is just one way to get XP for milestones instead, giving you more ways to progress.

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