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How to make Cities Skylines 2 highways

Learn everything about CS2 highways, such as how to unlock them and how to merge them with the preconstructed interchanges to make it tons easier.

A car is driving on one of the Cities Skylines 2 highways, with the town in the background.

How do I make Cities Skylines 2 highways? Let’s not kid ourselves; the original game’s method for creating high-speed transport links was not all that intuitive, particularly when constructing ways to get cars off the highway roads and onto street level.

Thankfully, as we mention in our Cities Skylines 2 review, these new intersections and ramps that were previously only available via mods are now significantly more straightforward. Cities Skylines 2 has other little conveniences compared to the first game, including revisions to the Cities Skylines 2 map. So if you want to have the most efficient roads in the management game, here is everything you need to know about Cities Skylines 2 highways, including upgrades and intersections.

The Cities Skylines 2 highways are unlocked via the upgrades menu as shown here.

How to unlock Cities Skylines 2 highways

You need three development points to unlock the Advanced Road Services and then Highways on the Roads development tree. After that, we highly recommend spending four more points on Intersections, as this option makes entrances and exits significantly easier.

The Cities Skylines 2 highways now have intersections. Here are two intersections linked together by a dual lane.

How to combine Cities Skylines 2 highways and intersections

Unlike the first game, you have a lot more help when it comes to making and joining up routes, thanks to the Intersections road type. This gives you plenty of shapes for you to use to maintain your entrance and exits to your highway. Just use one-way motorway routes or regular roads to join your new intersection with the rest of your motorized network.

After that, placing some lights on your highway and intersection is probably a good idea. Luckily, you already have these by unlocking Advance Road Services, which you can learn more about in our Cities Skylines 2 road guide. Select the Road Services tab and place lighting across your entire route. You should also invest in a Roadside Maintenance headquarters from the same tab to help repair your roads and traffic lights for the roundabout sections.

Now you know how to make Cities Skylines 2 highways and intersections, you should probably brush up a bit on Cities Skylines 2 traffic jams and how to fix them. Alternatively, we have some tips on how to make Cities Skylines 2 money as quickly as possible.