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Cities Skylines 2 update breaks buildings, fix could take three weeks

A Cities Skylines 2 update to remove the Beach Properties DLC causes a building glitch that Colossal Order says could take weeks to fix.

Cities Skylines 2 DLC bug: A huge urban area from city building game Cities Skylines 2

The first Cities Skylines 2 DLC, Beach Properties, has now been removed from sale and players are being refunded by Colossal Order. As part of a plan to rebuild the reputation of the struggling city building sequel, CO will make Beach Properties free as part of the CS2 base game while it shifts focus to performance and game-fixing patches. However, the removal of Beach Properties has inadvertently caused a new glitch in Cities Skylines 2, whereby certain buildings appear as gray, featureless placeholders. While Colossal Order is aware of the problem, the developer says it could take up to three weeks before a fix is deployed.

All players who purchased the first Cities Skylines 2 DLC will be refunded, either directly, or via additional material that is being added to the Cities Skyline 2 Ultimate Edition. Originally, Colossal Order says it intended to remove Beach Properties from sale without impacting any existing game saves that included the DLC – between pulling the DLC from sale and then re-adding it to the base city building game, the various assets contained within Beach Properties were supposed to remain in CS2 unaffected. A number of players, however, report that residential and recreational areas in their cities have been transformed, as constructions exclusive to Beach Properties are replaced by gray blocks.

One player, ‘73fe,’ says their Beach Properties assets have been transformed into “gray tombstones,” and shares an image of their city, which is seemingly affected by a visual bug.

Cities Skylines 2 DLC bug: A beach properties area from city building game Cities Skylines 2

Another player, ‘MKDEVST8R,’ says that their hand-placed beachfront buildings have been “broken,” and shares a similar image, where various objects are apparently replaced by generic placeholder blocks.

Cities Skylines 2 DLC bug: A rainy day in city building game Cities Skylines 2

“We intended for players to have access to the Beach Properties assets until we could incorporate them into the base game with the upcoming patch,” Colossal Order says. “Unfortunately, due to variations in the packages purchased, some entitlements are currently inactive and causing an issue where the player cannot access the assets.

“We are looking for a temporary fix for this, but the issue may continue until the patch is released. Said patch is in the works, and will soon move to testing and then certification. We aim to deliver this update to you within two to three weeks, earlier if possible.”

Colossal Order community manager Samantha Woods also comments, recommending that players do not load cities that feature a lot of waterfront zones until those features are fully incorporated into the base game.

“We’re looking into what’s happened as you were of course supposed to keep access to the Beach Properties content until the patch that moves it to the base game arrived,” Woods says. “Assets are replaced by the placeholder boxes, but as the waterfront zoning isn’t available in the base game yet, I recommend holding off on loading saves with a lot of those zones.”

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As well as offering refunds for the Beach Properties DLC, Colossal Order has announced that the console launch of Cities Skylines 2 will potentially arrive in October. The PC version of the game is being focused and worked on by a separate development team.

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