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Cities Skylines 2 paid DLC isn’t happening until the game is fixed

Paid Cities Skylines 2 DLC won’t be released until performance issues with the city builder are resolved, CS2 dev Colossal Order confirms.

Cities Skylines 2 DLC: A small suburban area from city building game Cities Skylines 2

Paid Cities Skylines 2 DLC is unlikely to appear any time soon, as Colossal Order confirms that it won’t release new, for-purchase material until the various technical problems affecting CS2 have been resolved. As noted in our Cities Skylines 2 review, despite whirlwind improvements to road, building, and services tools, CS2 struggles to function properly even on high-end PCs, with long loading times, stuttering, and freezes. The Paradox and Colossal Order strategy sim is still struggling to win over Steam players, but now, as it outlines changes to Cities Skylines 2 garbage processing, bug fixes, and ideas for new material in the future, CO says it will not release any paid DLC until performance is improved.

Our Cities Skylines 2 review analyses the various technical issues that impair the city building game. On Steam, Cities Skylines 2 still has an overall ‘mixed’ rating as players encounter freezes, stuttering, texture pop in, and other problems. CS2 will likely have a long lifespan, with plenty of Cities Skylines 2 DLC arriving to expand and improve the core experience. However, Colossal Order confirms that new, premium material will not happen until the game is in a better state.

“While on the topic of DLCs, we will not release new paid content for Cities Skylines 2 before the outstanding performance issues are fixed to our standards,” Colossal Order says. “As a small team, we must focus on the task at hand to avoid spreading too thin.

“We are also very much looking forward to starting to go through your suggestions for Cities Skylines 2, such as adding some beloved quality-of-life improvements already familiar from the predecessor that were missed in the sequel due to priorities and time constraints. My pledge to you is that Colossal Order will keep working on Cities Skylines 2 so it will reach its full potential.”

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Colossal Order also says it is addressing issues regarding garbage collection in Cities Skylines 2, and has fixed a problem whereby stray dogs would gradually overtake the streets.

“This week we are really digging into garbage. We can look into the balance of the feature, as processing buildings don’t go through the garbage quickly enough and this causes issues with the export. If the city doesn’t handle the garbage internally, excess garbage is exported outside of the city. The downside of exporting is that it takes time and causes traffic leading to unhappy citizens, so it’s beneficial to process the garbage in the city for a faster outcome to please the crowds.

“Another issue I mentioned last week was about stray dogs. In the next patch, the amount of them is fixed so that we don’t end up with an insane number of abandoned packs of dogs all over the city. Plans to fix this issue caused immediate debate if we should turn this bug into a feature. I for one would absolutely welcome the idea of an animal shelter DLC with a bunch of policies and all sorts of animals needing rescue in the city!”

Cities Skylines 2 DLC: A statement from CS2 developer Colossal Order

The latest Cities Skylines 2 patch attempts to remedy performance issues by optimizing lighting effects, improving level-of-detail calculations, and decreasing the resolution of unnecessary textures. The patch also made balancing changes to Cities Skylines 2’s ever-detailed economy.

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