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Weekly Cities Skylines 2 patches are finished, Colossal Order confirms

Cities Skylines 2 patches will no longer arrive on a weekly basis as Colossal Order and Paradox move to a new schedule for bigger CS2 fixes.

Cities Skylines 2 patches have so far arrived on a weekly basis, as Colossal Order and Paradox address technical issues and performance problems in the new city building sim. However, Colossal Order confirms that weekly CS2 patches are finished, and that updates and fixes for Cities Skylines 2 will now arrive at less regular intervals, to allow the developer more time to deliver larger and more-complex solutions.

Cities Skylines 2 technical problems have existed since launch, as the new city building game suffers from freezings, texture pop-in, drops in levels of detail, and generally slow performance. Cities Skylines 2 mods have helped to remedy some of the finer, gameplay-based aspects of CS2, and the entire game still offers several vital improvements over Cities Skylines 1. Nevertheless, performance patches and hotfixes have so far arrived from Colossal Order and Paradox every week since launch – the developer now confirms these are finished.

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“In the last three weeks, we’ve had a very quick pace with the patches,” Colossal Order says. “There is one more of those landing soon, but after that, we’ll be focusing on bigger fixes that take longer to work on. The team is now focusing on LODs and improving GPU performances, and while geometric LODs are largely automated, there are a ton of tweaks and adjustments required.

“We are expecting a relevant performance boost with these asset fixes. The workload is significant and unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to improve the performance at once. Instead, it requires several tasks [are] completed before we are happy with it. This results in less frequent updates so we won’t have weekly patches going forward.”

Colossal Order also shares updates on the Cities Skylines 2 editor, which will allow the easier creation and distribution of mods. While an early version of the editor has entered closed testing, the CS2 creator says that it does not currently allow mod creators to import assets into the game itself, and that the editor may not be released for a “couple of months.”

“We do not have the asset import feature available yet, so the creators are currently unable to import their own assets into the game,” Colossal Order says. “After we have the import feature in place we’ll be running it through the modding beta group. Our goal is to release the editor as soon as possible, and we will keep you updated on the progress.

“We expect it will take a couple of months to get the editor in a shape where we can release it, but we don’t have a concrete timeline yet as we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep. Once the editor is out we will continue to work on it with your feedback and suggestions to help us prioritize the most wanted features and improvements.”

Cities Skylines 2 patches: A statement from Colossal Order about city building game Cities Skylines 2

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