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Superb New Cities Skylines 2 mod makes every part of the game better

Cities Skylines 2 mods are vital right now, as we await further fixes from Colossal Order, and one new CS2 mod makes the whole game better.

Cities Skylines 2 mods UI menu: A huge town from city building game Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 mods, where would I be without you? Between buildings, roads, the economy, land values, traffic, and more, the CS2 modding community has so far overhauled and improved almost every aspect of Colossal Order’s city building sequel. I remain hopeful – Cities Skylines 2 will get better – but in the meantime, these player-made tweaks are essential. If CS2 has one huge advantage over Cities Skylines 1, it’s the sheer number of assets, options, and general stuff you have to work with and build. Providing you can navigate some of Cities Skylines 2’s tricky simulation quirks, you can construct basically anything you want. The problem, though, is actually finding it all. This is where a new Cities Skylines 2 mod, available right now, comes to the rescue.

How many different types of road are there in Cities Skylines 2? How many objects, buildings, lanes, improvements, subway components, and infrastructure parts? I haven’t counted – my quantum computer still needs a new graphics card – but it’s a lot. Cities Skylines 2 mods have made almost every aspect of playing the city building game easier, but what if you can’t even find what you want from the game’s comprehensive item catalog and UI? Worry no longer.

‘FindStuff’ is an essential Cities Skylines 2 mod, making everything from road building to utilities, infrastructure to farming that much quicker by providing a series of useful manual search tools for the game’s asset list. Everything is consolidated into a single, cleaner menu. You can also customize the entire UI to put everything you prefer and that you’re using regularly near to the top.

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The best part however is that you can now search for components and assets using a variety of different options. Search via name, type, tag, or category to save time poring through the extensive Cities Skylines 2 UI. If you want to streamline basically every part of CS2, you can get FindStuff right here.

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