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Cities: Skylines is getting a co-op board game in October

The Cities: Skylines board game is due to drop in October

Developer Paradox Interactive’s announced that it would be launching a series of board games based on some of their biggest and probably best-beloved titles at their PDXCon last year. Now, we’ve got our first good look at one sure to excite fans of its metropolis builder – Cities: Skylines will soon be a board game.

Now that Crusader Kings, Paradox’s strategy RPG, is being transformed into a board game via Kickstarter, it looks like it’s now Cities: Skylines’ turn to hit tabletops, as spotted by Kotaku. BoardGameGeek has some details on the upcoming game – it’s a co-operative board game based on the PC title, in which players will work together, rather than against each other, to build a thriving city. Information on CoolStuffInc, where it’s up for pre-order, indicates that you’ll have to take into account the factors that can thwart your ambitions, such as the environment, crime, education, traffic, and perhaps most critically of all – money (or lack of).

There’s not a lot of specific information about the playing pieces yet, but judging by the pictures it doesn’t look like the skyscraping or Monopoly-like smattering of plastic constructions you might perhaps expect. Instead, it looks as though you will use a combination of Tetris-like pieces representing your builds placed on the board, building cards, what looks like some kind of progress tracker card, and other paraphernalia to achieve your ultimate outcome – the happiness and prosperity of your city’s residents.

CoolStuffInc’s page says that the number of players is one to four, the play time is around 40 to 70 minutes, and the expected release date is given as October 25, though this could change.

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