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Grab Cities Skylines and every major DLC for just $20

Cities Skylines 2 is almost upon us, but if you want to try the Colossal Order city builder before release, get CS1 and every big Cities Skylines DLC for $20.

Cities Skylines sale: A small, sunny town from Colossal Order city building game Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines 2 isn’t far away, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to either experience the amazing, original city builder for the first time, or have a final, celebratory playthrough with all the Cities Skylines DLC packs. Courtesy of a huge new sale, you can get the entire Cities Skylines base game, plus the deluxe edition upgrade and all the major expansions and map packs for $20. The definitive spiritual successor to SimCity, this is the best Cities Skylines deal anywhere, perfect for bagging basically the entirety of CS1 ahead of CS2.

Cities Skylines 2 is going to transform the Paradox and Colossal Order city building game, incorporating all the best improvements from Cities Skylines mods into the base experience. From renewed traffic and road management systems, to seasonal weather, a much more detailed economy, and better city services and AI, frankly, the Cities Skylines 2 release date cannot get here fast enough. But don’t count out the first Cities Skylines yet.

The original is still fantastic. If you’ve never played it, or you’ve got the base game but not all the major DLCs, and want to try the full experience ahead of CS2, a new Humble sale gives you a comprehensive Cities package for $20.

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You can now get Cities Skylines, the deluxe edition upgrade pack, and a whole slew of DLC for less than the cost of a single game. Here’s everything you get for $20, courtesy of Humble:

  • Cities Skylines base game
  • Cities Skylines deluxe edition upgrade pack
  • Cities Skylines Hotels and Retreats DLC
  • Cities Skylines Jadia Radio DLC
  • Cities Skylines Natural Disasters DLC
  • Cities Skylines Snowfall DLC
  • Cities Skylines Vehicles of the World content creator pack
  • Cities Skylines content creator map pack
  • Cities Skylines Mid-Century Modern map pack
  • Cities Skylines Seaside Resorts map pack
  • Cities Skylines Heart of Korea content pack
  • Cities Skylines Mass Transit DLC
  • Cities Skyline Skyscrapers content pack
  • Cities Skylines K-Pop Radio DLC
  • Cities Skylines Financial Districts DLC
  • Cities Skylines content creator map pack 2
  • Cities Skylines African Vibes DLC
  • Cities Skylines Sports Venues content creator pack
  • Cities Skylines Shopping Malls content creator pack
  • Cities Skylines Africa in Miniature content creator pack
  • Cities Skylines Airports DLC
  • Cities Skylines Plazas and Promenades DLC

All told, this collection would normally cost $186, so you’re saving a huge $166. The Cities Skylines Humble Bundle is raising money for three charities: Coral Guardian, Oceania, and Direct Relief. As well as the full pack outlined above, you can get an 11-item bundle for $15, or five-item bundle for $10. Both of these also contain the base game and the deluxe edition upgrade.

So, enjoy the full Cities Skylines experience, and in the meantime, learn everything there is to know about the new Cities Skylines 2 maps, which are absolutely huge. You can also get a headstart on Cities Skylines 2 DLC, and everything that will arrive post launch.