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Skylines not the limit: what Cities studio Colossal Order are doing next

Cities: Skylines

The genre-saving, Paradox-pleasing Cities: Skylines sold a million copies in its first month and a bit – and the best Skylines mods have helped keep its roads busy since. But Finnish developers Colossal Order want to do their bit to “prolong the lifetime” of the game with both free and paid updates – as well as moving on to their next thing.

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“Of course we want to continue working on Cities: Skylines,” said CEO Mariina Hallikainen today at Unite Europe. “It is really something that we want to bring new features to.”

There’ll be free updates, like last month’s Skylines European DLC, and paid ones including “big expansions”.

“[Beyond] the help of the community and the modding, we just really want to prolong the lifetime of the game,” said Hallikainen. “So we can keep on working on Cities: Skylines for a long time in the future.”

Colossal Order plan to take advantage of new tools in Cities’ engine, Unity – like the Unity 5.0 frame debugger which allows devs to work out graphics issues by looking step-by-step at how a frame is rendered.

“These are the things that we want to embrace and take the game forward,” said Hallikainen.

But that’s not all they want to do. The team of nine Skylines began with now numbers 14.

“It’s plenty of people,” said a smiling Hallikainen, “so we can totally take on another big game. But it’s really all about the great ideas. It’s about the great idea, having the skilled team, and the really good technology [for] making a great game.”

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