Civ 6 DLC Rulers of England gets release date on Steam and Epic

The Civ 6 DLC Rulers of England is set for March on Steam and Epic, and adds Elizabeth I, Varangian Harald, and Age of Steam Victoria to the 4X strategy game.

Civilization 6 Rulers of England DLC release date - Queen Elizabeth I of England

Firaxis announces the Civ 6 DLC Rulers of England release date, as the final part of the Civilization 6 Leader Pass aims to round out the 4X strategy game in March. The upcoming expansion is the sixth and last of the Leader Pass mini-bundles, and introduces two new leaders for England along with another for Norway.

The package includes Queen Elizabeth I of England, a Varangian variant for Harald Hardrada of Norway, and an Age of Steam variant for Queen Victoria of England. Elizabeth’s return places her back on an elusive list of figures who have appeared as a leader in every Civilization game so far, alongside Alexander the Great, Mahatma Gandhi, Genghis Khan, Montezuma, and Shaka Zulu.

Elizabeth’s specialties are likely to mirror her past appearances, where she employs a wary, cautious approach that relies on economy and the strength of the English navy to push towards diplomatic success. She typically displays a preference towards befriending and protecting nearby city-states, but is often reluctant to ally herself with other full nations.

As variants of leaders that already exist in Civilization 6, both Victoria and Harald are likely to offer a distinctive twist from their default boons. Harald’s standard form focuses largely on naval power, so it’s likely that a “Varangian” variant will be much more focused on land forces, perhaps with cheaper recruitment costs to reflect the nature of the elite Varangian Guard.

Another typically naval-focused leader, Queen Victoria’s “Age of Steam” variant will probably focus more on the grand expansion of the Industrial Revolution across England and its empire. That means we’re likely to see options to improve production output with steam-driven upgrades, although it’s possible we could see some special steam ships at sea as well.

Civilization 6 DLC Rulers of England - graphic showing Age of Steam Victoria, Varangian Harald, and Elizabeth I coming on March 29.

The Civ 6 Rulers of England release date is March 29. As part of the Leader Pass, the Rulers of England DLC is free to all players who own the Civilization 6 Anthology edition. It will also be given to anyone who has previously purchased all of the content included in the Anthology edition independently. There’s currently nothing else that we know of planned for Civ 6 – although Firaxis recently confirmed that Civ 7 is in development.

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