Civ 6 DLC The Great Builders gets release date on Steam and Epic

The Civ 6 DLC The Great Builders release date is set for March on Steam and Epic, adding Empress Theodora, Sejong, and King Ludwig II to the 4X strategy game.

Developer Firaxis has announced the Civ 6 DLC The Great Builders release date, showing off the new leaders coming to the 4X strategy game in March. The upcoming add-on for Civilization 6 is the fifth in a series of additional drops included in the Civilization 6 Leader Pass, and brings new leaders to Byzantium, Germany, and Korea.

Included in the bundle are Theodora of Byzantium, Ludwig II of Germany, and Sejong of Korea. Empress Theodora, the wife of Emperor Justinian, was considered one of the most powerful women in Byzantine history. King Ludwig was an extravagant lover of architecture and art who ruled in the 19th century. Sejong the Great was the fourth king of the Korean Joeson dynasty, renowned for his creation of the Korean alphabet, Hangul, in 1443.

The Civ 6 The Great Builders release date is March 15, but because it’s part of the Leader Pass, the Great Builders DLC is free to players who own the Civilization 6 Anthology edition, and will also be given to anyone who has already purchased all the content included in that edition independently. The final entry in the six-pack bundle, Rulers of England, is expected to land in late March or early April.

Civ 6 The Great Builders release date - Theodora, Ludwig II, and Sejong the Great - coming as part of the Leader Pass on March 15

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