A Civilization 6 modder has brought back upgradeable throne rooms and palaces

This Civilization 6 mod adds the throne rooms and palaces from 4X games series' Civ 2 and Civ 3

A Civilization 6 mod that adds Civ 2 and 3's throne rooms and palaces

As is only natural, sometimes features from a series’ past don’t always get taken forward. Take Civilization II’s throne rooms and Civilization III’s palaces, for example – while perhaps popular elements of the classic 4X games, they’re not found in the series’ latest instalment, Civilization VI. However, they now can be thanks to a new mod that brings them both back.

Just as a refresher in case you’re more familiar with the latest titles in the long-running series of strategy games, Civ II’s throne room was an evolving feature that started out as a cave with a rock and would evolve into a luxurious space to reflect your prowess as a leader, and ability to please your subjects. Civ III’s palace, meanwhile, was an upgradeable feature marking your empire’s capital city and, subsequently, its epicentre.

Now, Technoluddite’s aptly named Thrones and Palaces Civilization 6 mod folds them both into Civ VI, and the result should “look and feel very familiar, with a few additions”. It’s worth noting that this is a “purely cosmetic, flavour mod” that doesn’t bring gameplay effects, as such – but, it does include the neat upgrading system that you’d hope for. If you can convince your people that you’re worthy, you’ll earn ‘upgrade points’, which are shared between the throne room and palace, and you can use them to upgrade either of the two.

You’ll pick up these points passively as you build and grow your civilization, the modder explains, with upgrades sometimes being rewarded to you by your people when you reach certain milestones, most of which “are tied to the Historic Moments of the game’s Era system”.

A Civilization 6 mod that adds Civ 2 and 3's throne rooms and palaces

Using a button for the feature added to the game’s launch bar, you can select upgrades for the throne room and palace by picking from different styles and options, and you can also make changes to previous upgrades you’ve chosen – though not for free. You’ll spend upgrade points to get the folks in to change things around. You can also delete bits you’ve upgraded, which will be free, though you’ll have to pay again next time if you want it rebuilt. You can also customise how easy it is to gain upgrade points if you’d like to keep them flowing in or motivate yourself to really earn those snazzy new drapes and things.

While the mod should still function without them, the modder recommends having Civ VI’s Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm DLC installed as you won’t be “able to earn enough upgrades to do very much” without those packs’ Historic Moment system. If you’re keen to pick it up for yourself, head to Steam Workshop here. As ever, mod with caution, and be sure to check out our list of the best Civilization 6 civs if you’re after some pointers.

Image credits: Technoluddite / Steam Workshop