Code Vein gameplay emerges and, yep, it’s Dark Souls: Anime Edition

Code Vein gameplay

Code Vein is about blood. If that wasn’t apparent from the name, it’s been made so by the claret-soaked gameplay trailer that emerged from E3 overnight.

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We’d been led to believe that this was Bandai Namco’s follow-up to Dark Souls, and it certainly looks that way. It’s got that deliberate pacing, plus the almost unnervingly empty environments punctuated by lurking, gothic monstrosities with hit points to spare. 

The single enemy, avatar, and area in this video have the whiff of vertical slice about them – more proof of concept than finished game – though it’s impressive how much of Code Vein’s everything-goes anime art style comes through. That yellowish lighting could be quite distinctive, even if the way the game plays is familiar.

Code Vein is described as an ARPG with blood-fuelled powers, and it’s coming to the PC in 2018.