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The Command & Conquer source code is now available on GitHub

As promised, EA has made the original C&C and Red Alert source code free to everyone

A few weeks ago, EA announced that it would release the source code for both the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert, as part of an effort to help the community build better Command & Conquer Remastered mods. Now, that source code is finally available, giving modders a much better idea of how the originals work heading into the Command & Conquer Remastered release date.

The code is available on GitHub, and both games together total up to slim 5MB of data. None of the original art or sound assets are included – obviously, you can’t just compile this into a free game – but otherwise, this is the full code used to build the originals, adapted to work with the Remastered collection.

“The mod DLL source code is the legacy game code,” as cchyper88 – one of the modders who got early access to the code – explains on Reddit, “but adapted to work as an extension of the Petroglyph GlyphX engine, so some minor bits are missing. But all code for the core game mechanics is there, along with all sorts of random legacy code (although unused) for the history hunters out there!”

Players are already combing through the code and comments for details on things like how the pathfinding works or the precise amount of HP each unit has.

For now, you can check out more old games or strategy games to get your fix until the C&C Remastered collection launches on June 5.