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The Commandos revival stays true to its roots - partly thanks to Dark Souls

Commandos is coming back, but it's not getting any easier

Commandos is getting a full-on revival, starting with a remastered Commandos 2 before moving toward a new Commandos game. The series comes from a notoriously difficult gaming era, but challenging titles have seen a broader revival in this post-Dark Souls world. We asked the developers if they were concerned that Commandos might be too hard for modern audiences.

“No, I don’t think so, and I don’t believe in that. It’s from a different genre but [look at] Sekiro or Dark Souls. It’s so much more rewarding. When you have a really hard game that’s not unfair, it’s only hard, being successful in that is so much more rewarding. This is a universal concept of game design.”

But even with that in mind, “It’s not for all. We are doing strategy. There are a lot of people playing strategy but it’s not like, for example, an RPG or whatever one has more broad appeal. But this is for target groups that really like a challenge and we won’t change that in any way. This is the meaning of being true to the series. This is really what’s is all about.”

The Commandos 2 HD Remaster is scheduled to launch later this year, but the new game in the series is still early in development. But you shouldn’t have any doubts about whether the new take on the series will still be challenging.

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