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Company of Heroes 3 missions list

This Company of Heroes 3 missions list will let you know exactly what you need to do to unlock each story mission in the RTS game's big Italian campaign.

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There are plenty of Company of Heroes 3 missions in the Italian campaign. In addition to all the tactical battles, you’ll need to manage the overall Allied war effort in central Italy. It can be a bit confusing – especially with some key story missions gated off until you complete specific objectives. Our Company of Heroes 3 missions guide will ensure you don’t get stuck in the Apennines on your way to Rome.

While you’ll be fighting skirmish battles against the Germans whenever your forces meet across Italy in Company of Heroes 3, the major story missions have spectacular set-pieces and major battles. This RTS game journey begins in Sicily with Operation Husky, in Gela, before landing on the Italian mainland at Salerno. From there, you’ve got free rein to approach the campaign as you see fit – and our Company of Heroes 3 tips will come in handy.

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All Company of Heroes 3 missions

Here are the major story missions in Company of Heroes 3:

  • Gela (Operation Husky)
  • Salerno (Operation Avalanche)
  • Potenza (The City of Power)
  • Foggia (Grounding the Luftwaffe)
  • Anzio (Operation Shingle)
  • Ortona (Operation Morning Glory)
  • Monte Cassino (The Battle of Monte Cassino)
  • The Winter Line (The Winter Line)

As noted above, the missions in Gela and Salerno are self-explanatory and part of the tutorial, so you’ll complete these automatically when you begin a new campaign.

After landing at Salerno, you’ll need to break out of the pocket around the city by defeating German companies nearby. Once that’s done, you can move on to the new objective of breaking the Volturno Line. You’ll need to complete this objective before you can capture Ortona in Operation Morning Glory or take out the German rail artillery at Anzio.

Anzio lies on Italy’s west coast, north from Naples. Crucially, it’s beyond the Gustav Line – which you won’t be able to cross prior to completing the Battle of Monte Cassino. Instead, you’ll need to send a company of your choice from one of your ports to land alongside the Allied invasion. Garrison a company at a port city – Naples and Salerno both work nicely, but if you’ve already pushed north up to the line, Gaeta is a perfect launch site, too. Once you’ve garrisoned a company in the port city, select the city and click the Transfer Company button (hotkey Q). Then, left-click on the beach near Anzio, and you’ll launch the mission to take out ‘Anzio Annie,’ the German artillery piece the American general constantly complains about.

To break the Gustav Line, you’ll need to win the Battle of Monte Cassino. You’ll be able to uncover that site on the map pretty quickly, but you’ll need to complete a few objectives before launching the operation.

How to start the Battle of Monte Cassino mission

Here’s what you need to do to open up the Battle of Monte Cassino mission in Company of Heroes 3:

  • Complete any two of the following objectives:
  • Secure an airfield near Monte Cassino
  • Fly a reconnaissance mission over Monte Cassino
  • Capture Ortona
  • Capture Anzio

A good airfield to target, if you’re going to go the reconnaissance route, is at Pignataro Maggiore, which is directly north of Naples. However, the airstrip at nearby Aquino works, too. The final main mission, the Winter Line, can be launched once you’ve completed the Battle of Monte Cassino Mission.

That done, you’ll have wrapped up the Italy campaign in Company of Heroes 3. Check out our Company of Heroes 3 review to learn more about what we thought of the latest strategy game from Relic, and be sure to check out our list of the best WW2 games available on PC, too.

Original guide by Ian Boudreau.